Flavor: Cherry Trop X Grapes of Wrath
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Wonderbrett X Sugar THCa Disposable 3.5g is yet another stellar collaboration between Sugar and Wonderbrett. Some users may have even tried their dual 3.5g disposable collaboration. This 3.5g device utilizes the same hardware and a similar but more potent blend of cannabinoids.Each 3.5g disposable is a highly potent blend of THCa diamond sauce, THCP, THCB, Delta 10 THC, Delta 8 THC, and live resin terpenes. Users can expect a positively euphoric set of entourage effects from this device.THCa, D8, D10, and THCB hit hard and fast, jolting users alive with a heady mood-enhancing vibe. THCP then slowly creeps in, allowing a rush of relaxation to fall over the body and extending the effects of the other cannabinoids.The hardware and features are just as exquisite as the masterfully crafted blend. These devices are button-activated with pre-heat functionality. Experience smooth and flavorful pulls with every hit. Enjoy those fantastic live resin terpenes in style! Each 3.5g disposable also has a USBC port for fast charging capabilities.

Product Features:

  • 3.5g Disposable Vape (3500mg Active Ingredients)

  • Blend Of THCa Diamond Sauce, THCP, THCP, D8, And D10

  • Live Resin Infused

  • Button-Activated, Pre-heat Functionality, USB-C Charging

  • Six Mouthwatering Flavors

  • Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety


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