Flavors: OG Kush (Delta 8)
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STIIIZY Hemp 40’s Blunts rolled with 100% tobacco-free, kief-dusted hemp wraps secured tightly around a glass tip. We’ve packed each infused blunt with premium, high-quality hemp flower so that every inhale is just as good as every exhale. STIIIZY Hemp 40’s Blunts are reinventing the way you get high by bringing consistent and super potent Blunts in four different options. Pass the Blunt.

STIIIZY Delta-8 offers a new and sensational experience while also delivering the same standard of high quality concentrates that goes into our proprietary pod system. Produced by 100% premium U.S. grown hemp, STIIIZY Delta-8 is setting the industry standard at the molecular level, making every pod precise, potent, and flavorful.

• Hemp Infused Blunts
• Capacity: 2G
• Cannabinoid: Delta-8 THC
• Strength: 600mg
• Live Resin Infused
• Kief Coated
• Glass Filter

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