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Check out the SMOK ACRO 25W Pod System, featuring a 5-25W output range, integrated 1000mAh battery, and uses two firing systems to produce vapor.

SMOK Acro 25w Pod review & specs:

It has exquisite packaging, which gives it a bold and matte look and makes it look aesthetic. It is convenient and portable. It is a very thin device with a thickness consistency of 11.2mm.

Let’s explore some of the key specs of this kit. 

  • It features a C type Port with a refillable pod capable of holding 2ml of juice
  • It features a fire button on the front to make your vaping process more accessible, an air inlet on the back that helps you adjust the airflow, a 0.69-inch OLED screen, and two adjustment buttons. It also offers auto-draw and button-activated drawing for your ease.
  • It has an intelligent detection function that helps you understand the dynamics of the device.
  • It has two meshed pods made up of PCTG plastic. It can carry at least 2mL of e-liquid. 
  • It features a silicone seal. They are leak-proof, making them easier to transport and prevents leaking.

Pro tip: After filling up the pod, wait for 10 minutes and start vaping.

Easy To Use:

It is a very Easy to Use device. You can fill the pod with a simple side filling method. After filling it, wait for a few minutes and remove the rubber plug. Once the cotton gets saturated, you are ready to vape.

SMOK Acro 25w Battery:

It features an Integrated 1000mAh Battery that supports your vape for a day. It provides Overheating Protection to your device and prevents it from burning. It can fully charge the device within 90 minutes.

Pod Details:

It has a 2ml Refillable Pod Capacity which gets refilled by the Side Fill System. It has two meshed pods made up of PCTG plastic.


It has a 5-25W Wattage Output Range, which is ideal for any vape. The Wattage adjustment allows the user to select the output they desire depending on the nicotine strength and flavour they choose to use. Higher wattages burn out and reduce the battery life.


SMOK Acro 25w has a constant Voltage Output of 1.5-4.0V, which is considered ideal for vaping. It simply works like the higher the voltage you set, the higher the heat. A lower voltage setting makes the pod release subtle and rich flavours.

SMOK Acro 25w Design:

It is available in 7 different shades: Black, Grey, Silver, Coffee, Blue Purple, Cyan Pink, and Red Gold which you can choose according to your preference. It is constructed from Zinc Alloy Chassis.

It also Includes:

1 ACRO Device

2 0.8ohm ACRO Meshed Pod

1 Type-C Cable

1 User Manual


These Posters and images below will help you understand the dynamics of this vape in a better way.


SMOK-Acro-25w-Vape-Kit-1000-mAh-Battery-Pod-System-in-Pakistan9 SMOK-Acro-25w-Vape-Kit-1000-mAh-Battery-Pod-System-in-Pakistan8 SMOK-Acro-25w-Vape-Kit-1000-mAh-Battery-Pod-System-in-Pakistan7 SMOK-Acro-25w-Vape-Kit-1000-mAh-Battery-Pod-System-in-Pakistan6 SMOK-Acro-25w-Vape-Kit-1000-mAh-Battery-Pod-System-in-Pakistan5 SMOK-Acro-25w-Vape-Kit-1000-mAh-Battery-Pod-System-in-Pakistan4 SMOK-Acro-25w-Vape-Kit-1000-mAh-Battery-Pod-System-in-Pakistan3 SMOK-Acro-25w-Vape-Kit-1000-mAh-Battery-Pod-System-in-Pakistan2 SMOK-Acro-25w-Vape-Kit-1000-mAh-Battery-Pod-System-in-Pakistan1SMOK-Acro-25w-Vape-Kit-1000-mAh-Battery-Pod-System-in-Pakistan



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