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The Leaf Buddi Wuukah eRig is going to be the next big thing in this industry. Similar to the Puffco Peak dab rig, this is the ultimate dab rig especially for the price. This vape comes with a giant powerful battery that can power this vape and keep your vaping concentrates for hours. 

The Wuukah vape has an LED screen which gives you an easy operation. Simply check the temperature display, the heating time and the number of puffs you have taken. The battery life is also on the LED screen to help you judge how much longer you can vaporize for.

Conduction Heating

One thing that separate the Wuukah Electronic Rig by Leaf Buddi apart from the competition is it features a conduction heating with three different coils. The Wuukah cup coil materials are ceramic, titanium and quartz. This is one of the reason why it's superior compared to its rivals.

Glass Attachment

The glass attachment has a very unique design to it. It features a unique glass attachment that prevents the user from getting water splashed back to them. The structure of the innovative glass is different too. 

How to Use the Wuukah Electronic Rig by Leaf Buddi

To turn the device on, click the power button five times.

Attach the type of nail/coil you want to use

Pour water into the glass attachment.

Start by using the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons to choose your coil temperature.

When the heating indicator turns green, take a hit!


Conduction Heating Dab Rig

3200mAh Battery

Three types of coils: Quartz, Ceramic, and Titanium

Unique Glass Structure to Prevent Water Splashes

Quick USB-C Charging

Product Kit:-

1 x Glass attachment

1 x Wuukah Base (Battery)

1 x Ceramic Cup

1 x Quartz Cup

1 x Titanium Cup

1 x Loading Tool & Cap

1 x Type-C USB charging cable

1 x Cotton swabs (5)

1 x Silicone Storage Container

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