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Ghost Snowballs THCa Flower 4g is yet another banger from the Ghost Hemp team. They have dropped their new high-potency Reaper GummiesAll-In-One 7g disposable, and this top-shelf THCa flower completes the scenes current trends! Ghost is a company constantly pushing the limits with its hardware and blends; it is about time they released a potent THCa hemp flower line.

There tend to be two kinds of flower smokers. One of the types is herb connoisseurs who enjoy authentic flavors and aromas and smoke joints and cones to experience the full flavor.

The second type of flower smoker enjoys hunting down the highest THCa and total cannabinoid content percentages and enjoys potency over flavor. Although both users can enjoy this Snowball line, it leans toward being geared toward the latter!

Ghost Snowballs THCa Flower comes in an air-tight resealable jar. Each jar contains 4g of sticky, fresh, dense nugs perfect for pulling apart by hand or with a grinder. Ghost utilizes 100% USA-grown CBG flower as the base.

This flower was meticulously cultivated for high levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This ensures users experience a beautiful set of entourage effects paired with this high-potency flower to balance things out!

This flower is then double-rolled and coated in THCa isolate and then double-rolled and coated in THCa kief! This gives users a highly potent and unique set of effects from this snowball-style line!

Ghost has decided to launch this Snowballs THCa line in three classic cannabis strain profiles. Users can choose a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid option based on their needs.

Flavor Profiles + Strains:

  • Ghost Train Haze (Sativa)
  • Phantom Cookies (Hybrid)
  • Death Star (Indica)

Product Features:

  • Available In An Air-tight Resealable Jar (4g Flower)
  • Sticky, Fresh, Dense Nugs
  • High-Potency Snowball Style Hemp Flower
  • 100% USA Grown CBG Flower
  • Double Rolled And Coated In THCa Isolate
  • Double Rolled And Coated In THCa Kief
  • Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety


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