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BLO CO Enail 2600mAh E-Rig Vaporizer Kit
The CO is a portable enail that allows you to enjoy your essential oils and concentrates without the assle of breaking out your rig and blowtorch. Just press heat, and enjoy.

2600mAh battery
4 Temp Settings
Lightning Warmup
LED Light Indicator
Micro USB Charging
2.6" Wide By 6.3" Tall

1 x CO Base
1 x Glass Attachment
1 x Atomizer
1 x Carb Cap
1 x Atomizer Cover
1 x SIC Nail
1 x Quartz Nail
1 x Ceramic Nail
3 x Cotton Swabs
2 x Alcohol Pads
1 x Loading Tool
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

Available Colors:
Black | Green | Pink | White

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