Flavors: Animal Face (Sativa)
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Torch Nitro Blend Disposable 3.5g is the disposable version of their new Nitro Blend product lineup! This new product line utilizes a simple but very potent blend of cannabinoids to get the job done. Users can expect nothing short of a premium vaping experience from this hardware and blend of cannabinoids!

Each 3.5g disposable combines THCP, HHCP, and proprietary live resin terpenes. Aside from the blend, these terpenes might be the second-best thing about this disposable! From the start, Torch has always used unique proprietary terpene profiles, and they have always been delicious!

As always, Torch’s hardware is top-notch as well! These devices come pre-filled, pre-charged, and are auto-draw activated. Each device has a button that offers pre-heat functionality with two clicks and a USBC charging port for fast charging.


  • 3.5g Disposable Vape (3500mg Active Ingredients)
  • Blend Of THCP + HHCP
  • Live Resin Infusion With Proprietary Terpenes
  • Nine Tasty Flavors
  • Pre-Heat Functionality And USBC Rechargeable
  • Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety

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