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Introduce a premium and luxurious smoking experience to your customers with the Cutleaf THCA Pre-Rolls, expertly crafted using whole hemp flower rich in THC, CBD, and CBG. These full-spectrum, legal cannabis prerolls offer a unique and satisfying experience that your clientele will appreciate. By stocking Cutleaf THCA Pre-Rolls, you'll be providing a top-tier product that sets your inventory apart from the competition

Each display contains 10 units, with each unit holding 2 fresh prerolls, individually sealed in tubes to ensure optimal freshness and quality. These hybrid prerolls feature the Banana OG strain, grown hydroponically indoors in California. The 100% organic, fresh ground flower is free of additives, chemicals, and pesticides, ensuring a pure and unadulterated experience for your customers. As a Federal Farm Bill compliant product, you can rest assured that these prerolls are lab-tested and adhere to strict quality standards.


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